What affects our energy?

We all know that our physical energy comes from nutrients and exercise. But that is only a part of the energy story. We also derive energy from our thoughts and emotions. And from the cosmos – more about this later.

The level of this energy determines the quality of our life – our relationships, the decisions we take, our physical health, our emotional well-being, our finances and our self-image. Therefore, it is very important to understand how this energy is sourced, how it can be maintained, how it can get dissipated and how it is interchanged with others. In this article, I focused on the direct and two way coupling between thoughts, emotions and energy. I have given a small recent incident to illustrate my point.

Our thoughts and emotions are interrelated – thought produces emotions, and emotions affect the content and quantity of our thoughts! When we are enjoying the beauty of nature or sitting spellbound in a music concert, we may not have many thoughts. After a difficult day, our thoughts may be of complaints and criticism, and emotions could be anger, frustration, self-pity or disappointment.

Thoughts and emotions are not just about the current event. They trigger a chain reaction (how we are a victim, how unfair things have been and so on) and it takes a huge effort to come out of it. And if this happens often enough, we are really caught in an inextricable situation. (We think the reality is producing the emotions, but it is the other way around.) Doesn’t matter what causes what – it is a downward spiral.

Unquestioned thoughts become our beliefs. They are formed from our adult life experience or they may be part of our early childhood or our family values/culture. Or deep in the past (from other lives!). Doesn’t matter where they came from, what do I do now?

To add to this personal story is the story of the collective. Our thoughts and emotions are not just our personal responses to an event, but we share our psyche with the community, gender, race, country and the profession we belong to. We buy into the expectations, assumptions and judgements of the collective. This collective has archetypes, for example for relationships: what does it mean to be a wife/a husband? A son/a daughter? A mother/a father? A woman/a man? A worker/ A boss?

You can find a whole lot of literature on these aspects, but the question I want to answer in this article is – am I supposed to be just a product and helpless victim of all these complicated and interrelated factors (on which I have no control)? Or do I have a choice in my life? And the answer is a strong YES to choice! Here are a few tips to manage your energy and have a life you want. It is in no way exhaustive, but it is tested and simple and doable.

  • Whatever thought or emotion you pay attention to expands. If you are feeling good (appreciative, kind, happy, satisfied….), then you get more of that. If you are feeling unsatisfied (complaining, criticizing, like a victim….), then you get more of that. Life gives us all kinds of experiences – good and bad. It is in our own interest that we shift our attention to feeling good as quickly as possible, even after a bad experience. This seems like a clichéd advice. But it really works. Every time. Without fail. This is a law- like gravity. Also called law of attraction. But difficult to see the silver lining to the cloud when it is overcast. (And you want to say: very easy for you to advise – do you have any idea how awful I am feeling? How uniquely difficult my situation is?) But I know it. I have been there many times. If you can’t look for good in a given situation, go to the past or future. Relive some happy emotions or be confident that the future is unfolding with good experiences.

I recently realized how my self-criticism had drawn into my life people who were not acknowledging my contribution. Also by constant complaining, I was having more things to complain about. I felt very disconnected! One day, I said enough of it and made a list of all the successful and happy events of my life and also affirmed that such things were again possible for me. I looked at it several times and connected with the pleasant emotions. And combined with other energy exercises, they shifted my life in a really dramatic way! I could get back my zest!

  • Question hidden thoughts and beliefs. Unlearn what is no longer serving you. In our life we have such strong definitions of right and wrong, good and bad (and some coming from the collective) that we have eliminated a huge number of choices. We are not even aware of these definitions. So, ask questions and don’t dig for answers (or you will stay stuck in analysis and attract more of it). Just throw the question and you will get an answer later – attune to guidance. This simple act of questioning will release locked thoughts from your mind. Sample questions: what assumptions, definitions and expectations (of myself or others) am I using to create this situation? to perceive this situation? What else is possible here if I drop that? Am I subconsciously using patterns of the collective? Is there a message for me from this person or situation? Is this a repetitive situation in my life? Did I miss the message earlier? Feel free to innovate the questions. Instruct your mind to unlearn. Use some catchphrase like “shift” or “delete” or “cancel” or “uninstall” (or anything else that feels right for you) to make this happen. In my case, I had lot of unquestioned definitions of work, of my image, of power etc. I would get sudden insights of how absurd my assumptions were and how I was limiting myself.
  • An effective way of changing our emotions and thoughts is by working on the energy body. I picked up Eden Energy Medicine and did her daily energy routine, radiant circuits and few other exercises to strengthen the aura. Having worked with thoughts and emotions for a long time, I find it very interesting to see how changing the energy shifts my thoughts. I am in awe of this process. The quality of my thoughts changed, my emotions of anger and resentment dissolved and I feel a sense of peace. Meditation helps in connecting us to the cosmic energy but energy exercises are good for kinesthetic people and also for those who have too much thinking.
  • For some time, keep away from old and habitual thinking and talking (or people who get you into your old track). Acknowledge and appreciate any small shifts you see. Let the momentum build for positive change. Thank the energy and the universe for helping and guiding you. In my case, I consciously avoided gossiping, then such things reduced by themselves and later I was strong enough to maintain my positivity. My colleagues have noticed the shift. I notice and appreciate it.

So to recap; our energy, our thoughts and emotions and our experiences are intricately woven. We think that our reality creates our thoughts and emotions, but it is the other way around. Our vibration, our thoughts and our emotions have created our current reality. And it is totally in our hands to create a different reality by shifting our attention, by questioning our beliefs and thoughts and by working on our energy body.

It can be very joyful when we understand this relationship and see it working!



The energy dimension

If reading, assimilating, practising and discussing with others are essential ingredients to profound learning, I can claim that my knowledge of the energy dimension can find a place alongside my PhD and other credentials. I have tried to understand human nature and worked with several tools related to energy systems like Reiki, Pranic, Meridians, Chakras etc for the last twenty years in my own life as well as others. I help with techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique, Meditation, Regression, Music, Ho’oponopono (the power of gratitude and forgiveness) and Energy Medicine. There are several psychological processes of people like Louise Hay and Byron Katie which are also powerful in shifting one’s mental and emotional energy in an issue.
I am calling this first simple article as restoring the connection.
Have you ever thought about someone and out of the blue, you get a call from him or her! Have some of the significant events in your life happened by some twist or coincidences? Even in a well-planned decision, was there a little aspect of ‘coincidence’? For example, how did you come to live in the current house? How did you get your present job? How did you meet your partner or a friend (who became very close to you)? In each of these cases did you get any ‘first impressions’?
Many of us accept such events as ‘unexplained’ or interpret them in some way based on our culture or community. But this is a well-known instance of the play of energy in our life. Our thoughts vibrate with some frequency and we are all connected with this energy. This energy is sensed (if we want to use the word) irrespective of the separation in space and time. We are all capable of this perception which is beyond the five senses. But we haven’t trained ourselves fully and hence are not able to use it effectively in our day to day living.
Many traditions and cultures do believe that there are energy systems that frame our physical body and if this energy is out of balance, physical and emotional problems manifest in the body and mind of the person. This wisdom has also been resurrected in the last few decades in the form of various energy healing methods.
But in this short article, I want to give you a few tips on how to engage with your energy dimension and use it to guide you. You will feel more confident about decisions and deal with others in a more effective way. Building this energy dimension, may also open you up to higher wisdom, clarify your purpose in life and lead to a more joyous living.
1. Become aware of coincidences, intuition, and premonition and gut feelings. These need not be in big issues, but even small day-to-day matters. As you pay attention, you may notice that there are many such synchronicities.
2. Notice also your dreams (even day dreaming), idle thoughts, and conversations with others.
3. See if there is a pattern to above things.
4. Several times during the day, consciously drop your attention from your head activity (thinking driven) to the center of your body (your heart or stomach). These are feeling driven. This can be done just for one minute.
5. As you become comfortable with the above 4 steps, try asking the energy dimension for guidance. You could do this by relaxing your mind and body, and writing down your questions on a paper. Or articulating them clearly in your heart and mind. Specifically ask the energy to guide you with a message that you can understand.
6. Interpret synchronicities as answers or directions to your questions.
Enjoy this experience and let me know if it was useful.

How is the world my mirror?

You do not see the world as it is. You see it as you are.

Yad bhaavam tat bhavati (you are what your thoughts are)

The world is what you are.

There are many more quotes in many cultures and languages in the same tenor. Philospher J Krishnamurti talks of the conditioned mind, and he says it is almost impossible to transcend it; you can be only aware of it. The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz which is based on the Toltec wisdom calls it domestication and the use of symbols. Some meditation practices are based on ‘dropping the labels’ from our minds, seeing things as they are, being in the moment and so on. But, is this idea of seeing the world through our thoughts, just an abstract concept or can it be applied for self-discovery and/or healing? What do we mean when we say the world is mirroring our thoughts and emotions? Can changing our thoughts alter our experiences?

In this article, I am presenting two well-known methods that use the mirror philosophy for specifically dealing with situations and healing.

Louise Hay’s book shifted my perception in 2005, from blaming someone to taking responsibility for my experience. In her book, Louise talks about thought patterns and reality. She says that people whom we like are reflecting the aspects in us that we like, and those who annoy us are reflecting the aspects we don’t like about ourselves or that we need to heal. According to her, everything in life is happening as a response to a need in me. Affirmations are the means to change our beliefs and thoughts and thereby release the need. She professes self-love and prescribes the famous mirror work to develop this. She also has an entire book (Heal your body) dedicated to thought patterns for specific physical ailments and new affirmations for restoring health. For several years, this was our handbook whenever anyone fell ill. Even something like a cold had a meaning and new thought pattern for curing it!

Affirmations without the underlying conviction may sound silly but it puts the control back to where it belongs! ME. If I believe that someone else is responsible for my situation, I do not have the power to change it. But if I look at the situation as reflecting what I need to change in myself, I am empowered. Her companion book has many insightful exercises and affirmations. If someone is in a job that doesn’t pay well or is in a relationship that is not working out, then the solution is not in changing the job or the person, but looking into the beliefs that have created a need for this experience. If this person has fears around money or believes there will never be enough, or is feeling lack of worth – then that needs to be addressed.

However, many a time people asked me how can I interpret this reflection business? If someone cheats me what is he/she reflecting? Am I a cheat or should I start cheating?

Byron Katie’s The Work helps to understand exactly how the other person is your reflection. She realized that all pain is due to the thought you have about something. Based on her own life and her experience with probably thousands of clients, she uses a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet in which one has to fill in the situation under consideration, what is the other person doing that bothers you, what do you want him/her to do, think and feel etc. For each of the answers under the questions, one applies the test – is it true, how do you feel with the thought and what would you be without it. Then comes the reflection part – turn around each statement in the worksheet to self, to the other and to the opposite. If you watch any of her videos you can see what profound shifts people undergo as she facilitates the process. The unravelling of the fallacy of our thoughts, and sudden release of emotions, is just amazing.

The idea that the world is a reflection of what’s going on in your mind, is an empowering one. But if not used judiciously, it may become yet another nail in the coffin of self-blame or self-pity for someone in the downward spiral of emotions.

Abraham Hicks (of law of attraction) also talk of your reality being a vibrational match to your emotions, but they strongly discourage analysing the situation. They say that by looking into something ‘unsatisfying’ for a longer time, you will only get more of it. Their recommendation is to get into a vibration of ‘satisfaction’ by withdrawing from the specifics and thinking general (where you are satisfied) or distract yourself, or even go take a nap!

For me all these methods have worked at different points of time. We resonate with some idea at some point and it works. It may also depend on the exact energy that was stuck and what method was apt for it. Sometimes the same belief shows up in different situations, and the healing leads to new insights. Sister BK Shivani has some wonderful talks on how to deal with emotions and thoughts in our day to day life and one of my friends was able to dissolve her long standing bitter feelings towards someone by applying her teachings. This friend does have a background in spirituality but she was not able to let go of this particular issue since many years.

All these pointers lead us to releasing judgments and should’s from our minds and to becoming more accepting, forgiving and joyful. All the same, one is not expected to be sacrificing and self-critical.

So, does changing our thoughts alter our experience? Yes, there are hundreds of examples in my own experience and in my friends and family. Very magical transformation can happen sometimes.